​​Cigarettes and Your Teeth

​​Cigarettes and Your Teeth

Posted by Dr. Kevlyn on Jan 5 2022, 07:27 AM

Most of us associate smoking with serious and, at times, fatal medical conditions related to our heart and lungs. However, we may not realize the impact of this habit on our oral health. That’s why Dr. Michael Kevlyn at Belleview Family Dentistry in Greenwood Village, Colorado, constantly strives to bring attention to the connection between smoking and damaged teeth.

Read on to learn how cigarettes can affect your teeth.

How Do Cigarettes Affect Your Teeth?

Cigarettes have several visible and not-so-visible effects on your teeth. These include:

  • Increased Risk of Gum Disease and Cavities

The bacteria in plaque and their acidic reactions are the major cause of most dental problems. Normally, your body’s immune response fights off any inflammation. But the nicotine in cigarettes reduces the oxygen levels in your bloodstream and limits your body’s ability to prevent infections.

  • Stained Teeth

Your teeth have a porous surface. The tar and nicotine in cigarettes can accumulate into these pores. Over time, this causes severe discoloration, making your teeth turn brown or yellow. This problem causes not only aesthetic issues but also hardens plaque and causes cavities.

  • Halitosis

This problem is commonly known as bad breath or, in this case, smoker’s breath. It is caused when the nicotine and tar in cigarettes get stuck to your gums, teeth, and even the sides of your cheeks. 

  • Tooth Loss

Those who smoke are at a greater risk of losing their teeth sooner. There are two reasons for this. For one, cigarette smoke causes more plaque buildup that leads to faster tooth decay, ultimately resulting in tooth loss if left untreated. Second, blocking your circulation reduces the nutrient supply to the roots causing the teeth to loosen.

  • Impaired Healing After Dental Treatments

By reducing your immunity response, smoking not only exacerbates your dental problems but also hinders how well you heal post-dental treatments. Smokers often have a prolonged and complicated healing process.

No matter how much damage smoking has caused to your teeth, our team can fix most problems. Whether you want to learn more about the impact of smoking on your teeth, need solutions for cleaning and whitening stained teeth, or restorative treatments to tackle decay and periodontal disease, we are there to help.

Get in touch with our dentist at (303) 290-0962. Or, drop in at 8200 E Belleview Ave # 425, East Tower, Greenwood Village, CO 80111.


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