Common Dental Problems in Children

Common Dental Problems in Children

Posted by Dr. Kevlyn on Mar 24 2022, 08:18 AM

Childhood is a phase that involves physical as well as mental development. However, this is also a time when dental issues are more prevalent due to improper dental hygiene.

Thus, it is important for you to take the necessary steps to implement a proper dental routine for your child.

In this article, Dr. Michael Kevilyn, DDS, at Belleview Family Dentistry in Greenwood Village, Colorado, discusses the common dental problems children face to help you identify and prevent them.

Dental Issues in Children

Below are some of the most common dental issues children may have:

  • Thumb Sucking

This is a common habit in children and it often goes away in time, especially after your child has turned two or three. However, if this habit persists, it risks affecting normal oral development, the alignment of the teeth, and the roof of the mouth.

Continuous thumb sucking can also result in damage to their current as well as their future adult teeth. If this habit goes on even after your child turns five, it can also cause speech difficulties.

  • Tooth Decay

Children are more prone to tooth decay as they are naturally attracted to foods and drinks with lots of sugar and starches. This increases the acids in the mouth which slowly erode the tooth enamel.

In addition, children are often not proficient in brushing and flossing. This increases the risk of plaque accumulation that can lead to cavities, gum disease, and even tooth loss.

  • Tooth Sensitivity

Children may also experience discomfort while eating hot and cold foods. This can be due to untreated cavities and decay, tooth eruption, and enamel deterioration among other reasons.

Tooth sensitivity is often caused by exposed nerve endings and results in pain and discomfort during the intake of foods of varying temperatures.

  • Gingivitis

Gingivitis or gum inflammation is often caused by poor oral hygiene. When your child does not have a proper dental care routine, then there is a risk of plaque accumulation that affects the gums, making them appear swollen and red.

Plaque can also cause jawbone damage and tooth loss. Sometimes, bad breath and a foul taste in the mouth are also an indication of gum disease.

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