How Important Is Dental Care for Pregnant Women?

How Important Is Dental Care for Pregnant Women?

Posted by Dr. Kevlyn on Feb 24 2022, 08:50 PM

Dr. KevlynPregnant women need to take proper care of their teeth and gums. Hormonal changes occur during pregnancy that put the mother at risk of gum disease. This further affects the health of their developing baby. 

How Does Pregnancy Affect Dental Health?

  • An increased level of progesterone and estrogen occurs in the body during pregnancy. This could cause certain oral health problems in pregnant women.
  • Eating habits change during pregnancy. Dental health gets affected by the kinds of food you eat. 
  • Pregnant women often cannot brush and floss as they did before. It is either because the gums are tender or they are more tired than usual. 
  • These problems lead to many more diseases in women such as the following: 
  • Cavities - Pregnant women can pass the bacteria caused by cavities to their babies. This could lead to many problems with the baby's teeth. 
  • Gingivitis - This inflammation of the gum could lead to gum disease if left untreated. Pregnancy hormones put pregnant women at risk of gingivitis. 

Dental Attention to Be Given During Pregnancy 

Regular dental care should be provided to pregnant women. A pregnant woman should tell their dentist about the names and dosages of the drugs prescribed for them. This helps the dentist to alter their treatment plan. However, it is better to do all the elective dental procedures after the delivery.

Pregnancy increases the risk of periodontal diseases. Gingivitis could also occur, causing the gum to bleed easily. Some women develop gingivitis during pregnancy and so it is important to have a regular dental checkup. 

It is important to brush twice a day and to floss at least before going to bed. One can change their toothpaste to a bland-tasting one if morning sickness is preventing them from brushing their teeth. Rinsing the mouth with water or mouth rinse rather than using toothpaste is recommended if you have frequent vomiting. 

Avoid sugary snacks as it increases the risk of tooth decay. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Dairy products, cheese, and yogurt contain a lot of minerals that are good for the teeth, gums, and bones in the developing baby. 

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