Pros and Cons of At-home Teeth Whitening

Pros and Cons of At-home Teeth Whitening

Posted by Dr. Kevlyn on Jan 28 2021, 04:00 AM

A radiant, healthy, and white smile is something that everyone desires. However, either aging, time, or a change in diet or lifestyle could lead to teeth yellowing. The discoloration or yellowing of teeth can also be due to drinking or eating things that stain your teeth. Smoking is a big culprit for yellow teeth as well. But the fact is that whiter teeth can help you make a better first impression in your work and social life, and help you feel confident. 

There are plenty of options available in the market you can use to whiten your teeth at home. However, these products have their pros and cons one should be aware of before opting. Here is a list of the pros and cons of at-home whitening. These will guide you whenever you choose over-the-counter products.

Pros of At-Home Whitening

  1. Ready-made whitening agents and kits are easier to handle and use. 
  2. You can use these at your own pace and time.
  3. They give desired results without any hassle of arranging appointments with the dentist.
  4. You can use strips while taking care of other things.
  5. If you opt for whitening pens, then you can enjoy the teeth-whitening process anywhere. It is an affordable and flexible treatment.  

Cons of At-Home Whitening

  1. You should opt for at-home whitening only when you have healthy teeth. 
  2. Bleaching performed on an unhealthy mouth can cause extreme pain and poor results.
  3. The bleaching agents available in the over-the-counter whitening kits can sometimes lead to gingivitis and tooth decay. 
  4. The gums can shrink if the bleaching agent is not of good quality, leading to gum and toothache.
  5. Some of the products require a lot of time. They might also leave patches on the teeth due to the improper fit of the kit.

Choose wisely and opt for a product carefully. It is recommended to consult a dentist and use prescribed at-home kits only. 

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