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CBCT scanning devices utilize a cone-shaped beam of light to map the oral features digitally. The beam of light is projected towards the face of the patient seated comfortably in the dental chair. The device revolves around the patient's head while projecting the light at them. The data collected from the scan is sent over to a computer, which will display it on the screen. The dentist and patient can zoom the images and also view them from multiple angles to get a better view of the oral condition.


3D dental imaging allows dentists to recreate your teeth and skull digitally in 3D. This 3D model will help the dentist discuss the oral issues you have in detail and visualize the area of the mouth that is difficult or impossible to access. With this technology, our dentist can diagnose your oral problem effectively and also recommend the best treatment. 

3D dental scanning is usually utilized for cosmetic or restorative dentistry, which also includes oral surgery, implants, root canals, etc.


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