Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Dental procedures are not restricted to adults alone. Children, too, suffer from many dental problems – tooth decay, infection, gum disease, cavities, to name a few. In all such cases, it is a good idea to bring your little one to our clinic. We extend pediatric dental services to maintain the dental health of your child.

Pediatric dental procedures differ slightly from adult procedures. The appointment of your little ones should be more frequent as their teeth are still developing. When you bring your little ones to our clinic, we begin by conducting their dental examination to ensure that their dental health is in place. On account of any problem, we design a treatment plan and start the procedure.

What are the Different Pediatric Dental Procedures?

  • Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are the most common treatment procedures we offer at our clinic. The teeth of your little ones are prone to decay. If not addressed on time, it may result in cavities. Most of the time, we treat cavities using a quick and simple filling procedure.

During the appointment, we will numb their infected teeth and remove the damaged areas. We will fill the cavity with a dental filling. Some of the most common materials used for filling include silver amalgam, gold, ceramic, and composite resin.

  • Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are equally essential for your little ones. Routine cleanings ensure that your child’s teeth remain free from cavities due to excessive use of sugar and lack of dental hygiene. Our dental cleaning is a straightforward procedure. We remove the build-up of plaque and tartar from the surface of their teeth.

  • Tooth Extractions

It may sound surprising, but many children may require a tooth extraction during their youth. This procedure is performed when their teeth are extremely infected or do not have enough room in the mouth. Extractions may be fearful for your little ones; thus, we numb the site of their surgery so that they do not feel any pain or discomfort.

  • Dental Crowns

We place dental crowns on your child’s teeth to protect them from a severe tooth infection. Crowns also help to renew and restore their poorly damaged teeth.

  • Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a mineral naturally present in our teeth. Our fluoride treatment strengthens your little one’s teeth and protects them from cavities. Fluoride treatment also reduces the risk of formation of dental plaque, hence saving their teeth from decay.  

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