Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal therapy is a dental procedure that is performed to save a tooth that has been badly damaged or injured. The purpose of root canal therapy is to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, avoid reinfection, and save the original tooth. The majority of people say that the treatment is no more unpleasant than a mild toothache.

What is Dental Pulp?

The pulp, also known as the pulp chamber, is a soft region in the core of the tooth that houses the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. After a tooth has come through the gums, the nerve of the tooth is crucial to its health and function. Its sole purpose is to give a sensation of warmth or cold, and provide the tooth with nutrients to stay strong. Deep decay, repeated dental procedures on a tooth, big fillings, a crack or chip in the tooth, or facial trauma can cause the pulp to become irritated, inflamed, and infected.

What are the Signs that a Root Canal Therapy is Needed?

  • When biting or applying pressure, you get a severe toothache
  • Heat or cold sensitivity (pain) for an extended period (after the heat or cold has been removed)
  • The tooth becomes discolored (darkens)
  • Gums appear swollen and red
  • Blisters on the gums that are persistent

The Procedure of Root Canal Therapy

The first stage in the surgery is taking an X-ray to evaluate the size of the root canals and to see if the surrounding bone shows any signs of infection. Our dentist or endodontist will then numb the area around the tooth with a local anesthetic. A rubber dam (a sheet of rubber) will then be placed around the tooth by our dentist.

Next, an access hole will be made on the tooth. The pulp is extracted from the tooth, along with bacteria and other debris. The insides of the canals are cleaned with root canal files, and water is used for flushing the debris away.

Our dentist may place medication into the tooth to encourage healing and prevent reinfection. The tooth will be further restored in the final step. A tooth that undergoes root canal therapy gets weak. So, a crown is often required to restore the tooth.

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